24- winning olympic vaults, 56 years apart


Hashtags, die du für dein Holocaust-Gedenkstätten-Selfie nicht verwenden solltest

18- neues video aus der volvo truck serie: The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6)

Ylvis – Calle presents: Air Horn Classics

chim chimney

Robinsons ‘Bird house’

How Many Countries Are There?

11- World’s Highest Flying Push-Up

Apollo Robbins, The Master Pickpocket: Tricks of the Trade

10- Winter in Afghanistan: US-Kampfdrohnen fliegen in den Süden

God Graveyard

6- Afghanistan: Seen Through the Lens of Anja Niedringhaus

Rakede – Bitte Bitte (Tischkonzert)

Jump up

1- A Real-Time Map of Births and Deaths

Return of the Cicadas

Power Of Photoshop

Chat Roulette Mind Reading



– the god debate I (Hitchens vs. D’Souza) and II (Harris vs. Craig)

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