29- The Afghan Girls Who Live as Boys

Thank you for your interest in our company, your resume is currently under review

– Kurzfilm: Wasted NightShimon Peres Goes Job Hunting

– ein paar bilder: dem gericht bekannt, restricted!, us sales, vorsicht!, hilft gegen übelkeit, How dare you touch my…, Hungry eyes, bat signalCC-Lizenztextlesung

19- ein paar Übungen –> Balls Of Steel

Guys will understandIf Rammstein did code

disney censored

Diving into an Active Volcano (Marum Volcano Expedition)

draw a map


8-beinige überraschung

Inspirational quotes

retouch artist Erik Johansson

F18s at Death Valley


northern conservative fundamentalist baptist

2- Afghanistan: The Long Withdrawal

Bullet Ant gloves

mit walen schwimmen

– manchmal eine knappe sache


Keule – Bierchen


Father. Photographer. Child Pornographer?

die antilope

– zu ferguson:

* The Daily Show – Race/Off

* Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization

* Meanwhile in the USA…

* disasters and tragedies

The Centrifuge Brain Project

More Depth, Please

two thumbs up

mac lethal – mozart rap

How to Eat Sushi

get out of this elevator


playing dead

Les noms de stations pris au pied de la lettre

Girl’s shampoo

Beitrag von Georg Schramm alias Lothar Dombrowski bei GLS



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