— einige Links mögen veraltet sein, dennoch lohnt sich ein Klick – soweit sie noch funktionieren 😉


3- gruppe welt

Robot Vs. Samurai | Five amazing Challenges with Sword

– afg:

The Impact of Vaccines


One of those days 3 – Candide Thovex

sag es mit milka

Poll: 30% of GOP voters support bombing Agrabah, the city from Aladdin

From Mercury to VV Cephei

A Video Conference Call in Real Life

Vietnamese sand art

Climbing the Eiffel Tower


Optical Glass Sculptures by fine art glass artist Jack Storms

All Mother’s Greatest Fear

how not to become an atheist

german insults

Julius Fuckit

Gerbil Betrayed By Human

it bites

no pork


beste website

I am not drunk

speed limits

How to Pronounce UK Place Names

too easy

rip bunny

city map


pain for breakfast

Alexandr Magala Britain’s Got Talent 2016

ways of jesus

new black metal band

what fits into russia


messaging stranger

animal skin campaign


Sie müssen

Religion als Medikament

just act cool

iPhone 6s – Timer

what a coincidence

snow day

Real Life First Person Shooter: Level 2 (Chatroulette Version)

– auf die ohren:

Wer den Wind sät… Was westliche Politik im Orient anrichtet | Michael Lüders | SWR Tele-Akademie

Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide: Uncensored (HBO)  & lay here

introducing gf & asking gf & Tell me what you love about me & chaotic evil



accountant needed

Gang Signs are Getting Ridiculous Now A Days

Choose your favorite material

A two-year-old’s solution to the trolley problem

nicht arielle

having a bad day but..

some journalism today

der feine herr


suche frz.

2 shirts

australian animals


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