— einige Links m√∂gen veraltet sein, dennoch lohnt sich ein Klick – soweit sie noch funktionierenūüėČ

25- was auf die Ohren:

–¬†Francine Christophe interview

–¬†To Scale: The Solar System


–¬†Scenes of Erin James’s AACTA Award nominated performance in the feature film The Little Death

–¬†Dat jump though¬†, ¬†here’s another


–¬†Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette version)


17- thinking of Jesus

Meet the tiny tycoons outside NATO’s gate

ausgerechnet kabul

Remembering 1960s Afghanistan, the photographs of Bill Podlich

spot the lady

der Boden ist Lava

konstruktive verhandlungen

gay guys on the mountain

we go forward

The brilliance of modern-day man

hate poetry

Four sisters have their picture taken together every year for 40 years (1975-2014)

flip1 und flip2


haare waschen ist wichtig

Cassetteboy – Cameron’s Conference Rap

little bitches

healthcare financing in west africa

old school blackberry

tea time


not absolutely certain yet

explaining consent

No Longer An Inspiration

Photorealistic art of sea and ice created by artist Zaria Forman

l√ľcke im cv

Berlin in July 1945 (HD 1080p color footage)

Das Dilemma des Trolls

the simple life

Coldplay’s Game of Thrones: The Musical

remove a letter from a game title and provide a new synopsis

drawing of a glass of water



One two three four five—YASSSS!

How not to pick up a penguin



bye bye, paris love locks

rocket under ice


spuren von m√ľssen


How many times do you kiss?


How I Think My Girlfriend Would Behave If We Switched Bodies For A Day

Amazing street magician

the hardest part of dementia

The more you know

phone unlocked

schon unserer v√§ter v√§ter wussten…


An Actual Playable Tortilla Record Etched with a Laser Cutter

F*ck That: A Guided Meditation

Best take off ever

Dat taunt

mach dein scheiß woanders



29- The Afghan Girls Who Live as Boys

Thank you for your interest in our company, your resume is currently under review

– Kurzfilm: Wasted NightShimon Peres Goes Job Hunting

– ein paar bilder: dem gericht bekannt, restricted!, us sales, vorsicht!, hilft gegen √ľbelkeit, How dare you touch my…, Hungry eyes, bat signalCC-Lizenztextlesung

19- ein paar √úbungen –> Balls Of Steel

Guys will understandIf Rammstein did code

disney censored

Diving into an Active Volcano (Marum Volcano Expedition)

draw a map


8-beinige √ľberraschung

Inspirational quotes

retouch artist Erik Johansson

F18s at Death Valley


northern conservative fundamentalist baptist

2- Afghanistan: The Long Withdrawal

Bullet Ant gloves

mit walen schwimmen

– manchmal eine knappe sache


Keule – Bierchen


Father. Photographer. Child Pornographer?

die antilope

– zu ferguson:

* The Daily Show – Race/Off

* Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization

* Meanwhile in the USA…

* disasters and tragedies

The Centrifuge Brain Project

More Depth, Please

two thumbs up

mac lethal – mozart rap

How to Eat Sushi

get out of this elevator


playing dead

Les noms de stations pris au pied de la lettre

Girl’s shampoo

Beitrag von Georg Schramm alias Lothar Dombrowski bei GLS



11- The Soviet War in Afghanistan, 1979 – 1989

Helmand’s Golden Age

the definition of double standard: j. gauck

bombing children

Jamila Lyiscott: 3 ways to speak English

Aus einer Video-Aufnahme den Sound rekonstruieren

dog beers

When my parents asked if I’m high

band names

top football selfie

The French translator

wein und käse

#firstworldproblems in der zeitung

chocolate in Ivory Coast

I wish that I could be like the cool kids! VINE (SONG)

what did the virgin say?

verstauen im all


24- Volkswagen – Eyes on the road

Hawaii 5-0 Drum Fill

– bag: relief worker, afghanistan


Belgium (Red Panthers) late out

Photorealistic Software

lawd jeezus

name your son “gotham” oder in deutschland…

zoom in

kommt auf’s gleiche raus

spongebob tampax

this margin is too small to..

OK Go – The Writing’s On the Wall

Fußballfloskeln wörtlich genommen

Baby Leon discovers his eyebrows

inCycle video (tour de suisse)

the four F’s

you could be in slayer

“the talk”

8- Afghanistan: Dogs of War



in paris (Telenor-werbung)

PolizeiBerlinEinsatz @PolizeiBerlin_E

Il était un phare